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Update on a Database of Coyotes Attacks on Humans, 1970-2015
Rex O. Baker, Cal Poly-Pomona; and Robert M. Timm, Univ. of California - ANR (25:17) 

Dealing with the Issue of Urban Coyote - One County's Experience
Jim Hartman, Los Angeles County, Dept. of Agriculture, Arcadia, CA (22:34) 

How Human Predation Can Shape Coyote Temperament and Implications for Management in Urban Environments

Stewart Breck, USDA National Wildlife Research Ctr., Fort Collins, CO (25:22)

On the Use of Animal Behavior as a Means of Managing Human-Animal Interactions

Valerius Geist, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (24:33) 


COYOTE FACT SHEET University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources 

U.S. Forest Service: Index of Species Information for Canis Latrans (coyote)

(2009) Coyote Attacks on Humans in the United States and Canada -- White, Lynsey A. and Gehrt, Stanley D. (points to the need for standardized reporting in coyote attacks and a disproportionate amount of coyote attacks take place in California)

(2007) A History of Urban Coyote Problems – Dr. Robert M. Timm, Rex O. Baker

(2007) Bad Dogs: Why Do Coyotes and Other Canids Become Unruly? – Robert Schmidt, Robert M. Timm

(2012) Long Term Pair Bonding and Genetic Evidence for Monogamy Among Urban Coyotes – Hennessy, Dubach, Stanley D. Gehrt  (Extra-pair copulations have been discovered in every canid mating system that has been investigated genetically, regardless that social monogamy was the observed norm)

(2007) The Coyote Lure Operative Device Revisited: A Fresh Look at an Old Idea – Dr. Robert M. Timm, Are Berentsen, Robert H. Schmidt

(2004) Coyote Attacks: An Increasing Suburban Problem – Dr. Robert M. Timm, Rex O. Baker, Joe R. Bennett, Craig C. Coolahan

(2001) Sheep-Killing Coyotes a Continuing Dilemma for Ranchers – Dr. Robert M. Timm, Guy E. Connolly

(2001) Targeting Alphas Can Make Coyote Control More Effective and Socially Acceptable – Michael M. Jaeger, Karen M. Blejwas, Benjamin N. Sacks, Jennifer C. C. Neale, Mary M. Conner , Dale R. McCullough

(1975) Effects of Control on Coyote Populations: A Simulation Model Guy E. Connolly William H. Longhurst

(2017) Food Habits of Coyotes (Canis Iatrans) Along an Urban-Rural Gradient in Alabama

Jim Armstrong, Auburn University, AL (study touches on diversity of coyote food sources)

(2018) Tick‐borne disease risk in a forest food web-- Richard S. Ostfeld, Taal Levi, Felicia Keesing, Kelly Oggenfuss, Charles D. Canham

(2008) Whatever Happened to the Term Alpha?-- Dr. David L. Mech (clarifies and updates the previous misuse of the term Alpha) Most inappropriately use the term alpha. In most cases the term should be breeding pair since wolves do not fight to earn their place in the pack.

(2016) The Marin County Livestock Protection Program: 15 Years In Review (concluded "the livestock protection program has led to changes that are detrimental both to ranchers and to the wildlife of Marin County.")

(2017) Coyote attacks on humans, 1970–2015: implications for reducing the risks--Robert M. Timm, Rex O. Baker "In Discussion: Factors affecting coyote behavior, Evaluating habituation, Classification of attacks and victims, Characteristics of attacks, Mitigation strategies, Effectiveness of hazing, Politics of managing urban coyotes, Failure to take timely action, Coyote attacks on pets, Management implications and how Some animal welfare and animal rights groups gain a large following (and presumably substantial financial support) from inflaming the issue of coyote control."

(1976) The Estrous Cycles of Coyotes --Kennelly, J.J., and B.E. Johns. 1976. The estrous cycle of coyotes. Journal of Wildlife Management 40(2):272-277.  Coyotes are monoestrus. "No evidence was found to suggest that the coyote experiences more than one estrus in the breeding season." 

(2018) Experimental tests of nonsurgical reproductive inhibitors to prevent coyote reproduction-- Young, J.K., MacGregor, M.J. Gese, E.M. Eckery, D.C. Human-Wildlife Interactions. While this study was intended to assess "2 types of reproductive inhibitors (gonadotropin releasing hormone [GnRH] vaccine and deslorelin, a GnRH agonist) on coyote reproductive capabilities." This study indicates male coyotes are seasonally fertile. "Male coyotes gradually produce increasing amounts of gonadal testosterone during the presumptive breeding season (November to March) and often reach peak levels in January, then experience testicular regression the remainder of the year. During this period of testicular atrophy, testosterone levels are basal, testicular volume is minimal, sperm production is zero." 


Project Coyote has raised over $619,000 in donations (and counting). 

Project Coyote has spent ZERO dollars on creating ONE coyote sanctuary, ONE study or creating ONE habitat improvement project.   


The well intending conservation organization John Muir Association was misled regarding the accomplishments of Ms. Fox and were advised of the truth prior to their award presentation in 2016. Unfortunately, the John Muir Association decided to give Camilla Fox the Conservationist of The Year award in part for her role in the Marin County Livestock Protection Plan anyway. The Marin plan results in far more coyotes dying annually than when USDA trappers focused on offending animals.

Project Coyote predator friendly rancher Kelli Hendricks says coyote fathers help raise coyote families, unlike human fathers. This joke is inappropriate to say in front of young children but that's ok. Project Coyote admits to using children to manipulate the public. 

Animal rights activists claim trapping coyotes does not work. More aggressive coyotes will take their place? Not true! Selective trapping works.  STUDY LINK

Project Coyote founder Camilla Fox makes specific claims about charges being brought against a hunter who accidentally shot CDFW warden Bob Pera. Fox made these claims weeks before the El Dorado County District Attorney received the case.   This would lead the average person to believe one of two scenarios 1 she received leaked information which is illegal or 2 she is simply making it up. 

Coyotes at the Gate - A 2007 program regarding the rising and continued aggressive behavior of coyotes in and around Los Alamitos.  Interview of canid biologist with over 40 years of experience dealing with coyotes Dr. Robert Timm. Produced by John Underwood. 

The Pasadena Humane Society was responsible for the City of Arcadia's coyote education program which was filled with misrepresentations. Council member April Verlato pointed out the failure of their program along with their hypocrisy of killing 43 dogs that year.

Rob Erickson from Scientific Wildlife Management separates fact from fiction on the urban coyote.

Shaking a can of pennies, that will do the trick!!! 

A coyote in a residential area was not scared away, even after landscaper yelled at him he just stood there and stared at him. Even when he got closer to the coyote with the mower the coyote just moved out of the way a little. 

Levi believes the return in the Northeast of coyotes in the last half-century, which prey on foxes, is leading to fewer foxes in some areas, and a resulting increase in Lyme disease.
Deer, predators and the emergence of Lyme Disease

Increases in Lyme disease in the northeast and midwest US over the past three decades are often uncorrelated with deer abundance and instead coincide with a range-wide decline of a key small-mammal predator, the red fox, likely due to expansion of the coyote.

Dr. L. David Mech on the terms "alpha" and "beta" wolves and why they are no longer scientifically accurate.
Alpha animals may achieve their status by superior physical strength and aggression, or through social efforts and building alliances within the group. The individual with alpha status sometimes changes, often through a fight between the dominant and a subordinate animal. These fights are often to the death, depending on the animal.
Can the same thing be said about coyotes?