The Scientific method:  a method of research in which a problem is identified, relevant data are gathered, a hypothesis is formulated from these data, and the hypothesis is empirically tested.

Ms. Fox may have learned her extreme views on animal activism from her father but more importantly, Fox does NOT have a background in science. Fox graduated Maga Cum Laude from Boston University Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English with a minor in Women's Studies Fox's Masters degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability from Prescott College in Arizona has little to do with science and more to do with learning to start a non profit activist group. Just as interesting, Fox's Masters degree is a 36 unit online degree. SOURCE 

This might explain why Project Coyote consistently cherry picked or distorted data working backwards from its own conclusions. 

Project Coyote assembled a panel of activist advisors who support Project Coyotes conclusions. 

Project Coyote endlessly disagrees with any evidence that does not support their conclusions.

Project Coyote theories on coexistence, the effectiveness of hazing and the role of hunting in wildlife management are inconsistent with the preponderance of studies and scientific data presented by biologists throughout the U.S. 


​​In her thesis, "Analysys of the Marin County Strategic Plan For Protection of Wildlife and Livestock: An Alternative to Traditional Predator Control" Fox claims the Marin County Board of Supervisors approved a non-lethal  county-administered program that was “initially put forth by the Marin Coalition for California Wildlife."   

As mentioned before, this is not true. 

The non-lethal county-administered program was actually introduced by Mary Paglieri of the Little Blue Society. This can be found by reviewing Marin County minutes from October 31, 2000  SOURCE

he Marin Coalition for California Wildlife founded by Fox takes credit for non lethal plan while initially advocating a lethal plan. Fox takes credit for a non lethal plan created by someone else when she originally advocated for lethal control. This is another clear example of the dishonesty and manipulation perpetuated by animal rights groups like Project Coyote to get what they want by any means necessary. 

Believe it or not, the hypocrisy doesn't stop there!     

​​Two years before her thesis was completed, Fox was awarded the Christine Stevens Wildlife Award by the Animal Welfare Institute to support her work on her Masters Thesis. 

After taking thousands of dollars from a group who campaigns to "protect all wildlife", how can you expect her thesis to reflect anything other than the views of the animal rights group she was beholden to? 

Dr. Stephanie Larson, Director of UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE)  Sonoma County, has examined the Marin County Livestock and Protection Plan and has found multiple issues. 

  • By removing USDA Wildlife Services, records are no longer kept documenting loss of sheep or coyotes
  • Through direct interviews with ranchers, it was determined more coyotes are being killed as a result of removing USDA Wildlife Services trapping service.  

Another example of one of Camilla Fox's "science based" misrepresentations came from a Public Records Request Act submitted to The Marin County Agricultural Commission.  This is an email exchange between Agricultural Commissioner Stacy Carlsen and Camilla Fox of Project Coyote. The distortion of facts can be found below.

-----Original Message-----

From: Carlsen, Stacy

Sent: Friday, May 10, 2013 10:21 AM

To: 'Camilla Fox'

Subject: RE: Panel discussion re: Marin Livestock & Wildlife Protection Program & your feedback & quote for article

Camilla, I filled in the blanks- sorry I have been in Visalia at ag. meetings. Commercial sheep ranchers is better than all commercial ranches. I will make dates work for your events.


-----Original Message-----

From: Camilla Fox []

Sent: Monday, May 06, 2013 5:04 PM

To: Carlsen, Stacy

Subject: Re: Panel discussion re: Marin Livestock & Wildlife Protection Program & your feedback & quote for article

Hi Stacy - thanks for the quick reply and for checking on these dates (if you can get back to me about these dates as soon as you're able that would be helpful as we have wiggle room on the Sept. date w/ the Lark theater and would really like for you to be there- as well as the DBC event on June 27th).

Regarding the quote- yes glowing would be nice :) - but I also want to make sure we have accurate stats. Here. Can you fill in here where the Xs are--  and amend the quote if you're not comfortable with it as is:

According to Marin Agricultural Commissioner, Stacy Carlsen, who oversees implementation of the non-lethal cost-share program, ³losses have fallen to 2.2 percent (from 5 percent in 2002)‹and the program costs over $50,000 a year less than the old one. For the first couple of years we couldn¹t tell if the loss reductions were a trend or a blip. Now, we can say there¹s a definite pattern and livestock losses have decreased significantly.² Carlsen also noted that ³This innovative model sets a precedent for meeting a wider compass of community needs and values where both agriculture and protection of wildlife are deemed important by the community. The success of our county model has set the trend for the rest of the nation.²

And is this foot note correct:

[1] According to Marin County Agricultural Commissioner Stacy Carlsen, almost all commercial sheep ranchers were participating in the MCLWPP as of May 2013.

Can we say "all all commercial sheep ranchers were participating in the MCLWPP as of May 2013" instead of "almost all"? yes, because there is no other program for them to participate in. Should say sheep ranches to be clear.

Thank you!



Camilla H. Fox, Executive Director

Project Coyote

P.O. Box 5007

Larkspur, CA 94977

ph: 415.945.3232

Another example of how Project Coyote bends the truth then represents the information as scientific fact! 

A copy of the document using the misrepresented data can be found HERE SOURCE

Camilla Fox twists and manipulates data then represents it as fact while accusing persons whom they do not agree with as being immoral?